"Anything in life that’s worth doing is worth over-doing.”

- Anthony D, Founder Modern Event Staffing


 We are a company founded and operated by highly experienced and teamwork driven event professionals. 

At Modern Event Staffing, we're 100% committed to sending out not simply a group of staff members, but a cohesive and professionally trained team. We have modernized the staffing industry by successfully executing an incentive based recruitment and retention strategy. This not only allows us to find and attract top industry talent who are passionate about providing excellent service, but it also helps us to retain them.



Server / Waiter
Assists with floor plan set-up and break-down of catering rentals ordered for the event; Serve and bus according to finalized catering plan.

Makes drinks for guests per finalized catering plan; Set up/break down bar(s)

Bar Back
Assists set up/break down of bar(s); Replenishes bar during event

Coat Check Attendant
Checks in/out coats and bags for guests.

Registration Staff / Greeter / Guest Services Staff   
To register, greet and/or assist guests, attendees, or event participants. Specialized duties vary based on client’s needs, tbd.

Street Team Member
Based on client requests; May promote products; engage crowd in activities; Distribute samples, flyers, etc.

Promotional Staff / Brand Ambassador
Act as the face of your brand; Specialized duties vary based on client’s needs, tbd.

Shift Lead
A seasoned staff member who may assist with staff duties while providing light supervision of staff & assisting with staff timekeeping procedures, rule implementation, etc.

Captain (Catering / Bar / Venue)
Assists with overseeing timeline, service, staff, menu execution, rental details, floor plan details, etc.  Follow the finalized catering plan. Alongside/directed by event planner/caterer, etc.; Assists with managing staff.

Prepares and cooks food according to the finalized catering plan/menu.

Kitchen Assistant
Position held by our Service Staff that is comfortable working in kitchens to assist with plating or displaying food, as directed by Chef or Captain. Tasks may include basic culinary skills, such as washing, peeling, chopping, cutting, plating,
and light cooking. 

Sanit / Porter / Bathroom Attendant
Responsible for rental organization, sanitation, cleaning and / or restocking restroom amenities.

 We believe a group of passionate individuals with common goals and values are what make up the ingredients for a strong team.

​At Modern Event Staffing, we make it our priority to bring to the table a well rounded group of experienced professionals who work in unison to provide top tier service, every time. 

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